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Meet Our 
           Creative Director

Jake Kozmor, Owner and Creative Director of Koz Films opperating a camera

Jake Kozmor is the Owner and Creative Director of Koz Films, a Charleston-based digital marketing agency specializing in video production. Jake's proficiency in lighting, composition, and storytelling is the driving force behind Koz Films' ability to produce marketing content that captivates and establishes brand authority amidst the competitive landscape. Beyond his entrepreneurial ventures, Jake actively contributes to the Charleston American Marketing Association as the Collegiate Relations Chair on the Board of Directors. In this capacity, he facilitates and leads educational initiatives between collegiate and professional chapters.

Upon entering the College of Charleston, Jake pursued his passion further, culminating in the completion of his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. In his freshman year, Jake founded Koz Films leveraging his cinematic expertise and digital advertising knowledge to create a dynamic synergy. The agency has since cultivated a diverse client portfolio spanning corporate, commercial, hospitality, events, spirits, reality television, non-profit, and healthcare sectors.

Jake's passion for video production and storytelling has been a lifelong pursuit. During high school, he interned at Lubetkin Media Companies, an internet broadcasting and communication firm, and assisted in production and post-production operations. Jake pioneered the building of video-editing workstations, significantly enhancing company efficiency.

Picture of Jake Kozmor, Owner and Creative Director of Koz Films
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